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If anyone ever wondered, touring musicians are some of the hardest working and busiest people around. Moving from city to city, event to event, special appearances, signings, studio time, marketing, etc. It takes a special gift to survive in this kind of environment, but trusting God for all that you to and glorifying Him in everything sure does make it easier.

Case in point, Toddie “Funk” Lawson, aka ToddieFunk …bass player extraordinaire for TobyMac and DiverseCity, as well as his own new project that we will talk about in a minute. We had a chance sit down with him for a few minutes recently to hear about what’s in store for 2015.

2014 was another great year for music, and  the CCM market continues to receive more and more recognition for the great music being released. As a fan, it is refreshing to this crossing barriers that have historically been difficult to do. It’s tough sometimes breaking down the stigma of “Christian music” as a genre and exclusions from the categories that might be defined as a style rather than the content. Toddie let us know that “2014 was a fantastic year and 2015 is starting going to be fantastic too. Being part of Toby Mac and DiverseCity for the past 14 years has been a true blessing. The recognition of Grammy Awards, the GMA Dove Awards, Billboard Awards and an American Music Awards has been great but it’s always God first.”

316: Tell us a little bit about this upcoming year, what can fans expect to see?
ToddieFunk:  Wow, where do I start. We are super excited to get back on the road with Mandisa again. She is just an amazing artist and an even better person. Capitol Kings are also on the tour. There will also be a new record! We are looking at a release around May. We kick off the tour in March.   We are also looking forward to Camp Electric happening in Tennessee and Ohio. (316Press note: Camp Electric is the first interactive worship and rock & roll camp. Designed for spiritual growth and music development, this highly popular program sells out quickly so act quickly!

“Camp Electric teaches you where your gifting comes from and how you want to use it for the Glory of God.” TobyMac

316: That sounds great, and I know we are looking forward to the high-energy show and photos. what else will 2015 bring?
ToddieFunk: Man, I just love the funk…super funky grooves. You know, sort of like the Bruno Mars single Uptown Funk. That kind of bass and brass funk with influences from so many great musicians. I’m working on a new project now with some great artists. It will be called ToddieFunk and the BAND7. We are in the studio now and will release a record in July. More information is being put together now so keep an eye on the website for more details soon.

TobyMac and Diverse City in Ontario, California

316Press file photo: Toddiefunk with DiverseCity in Ontario California

316: Very cool. We will be watching that for sure. Can you tell us any more about the style or approach?
ToddieFunk: Well, God is such an important part of my life. I want to honor Him in everything I do. This music will reflect my own life. My struggles, my challenges and how God has carried me through that. We will bring the funky groove including the big bass and brass.

316: Toddie, thank you for your time today. We are all looking forward to 2015 and where God leads. Anything else we should know about?
ToddieFunk: Well, there are a few other, BIG things happening for later in the year. But, I just can’t talk about them yet. I think everyone will like it though. I wish I could say more.  Come see us on the upcoming tour!

ToddieFunk performs with TobyMac and diverseCity. File photo: 316Press / Mike Huffstatler

ToddieFunk performs with TobyMac and diverseCity. File photo: 316Press / Mike Huffstatler

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