A word about some older photos…

Packed away and gathering dust like Grandpa’s old records…

After considerable thought, we have made a very tough decision to archive images posted here from 2011 or before. There were a lot of influences to this decision, not the least of which are the logistics and expense of keeping them all online. Our hosting service has let us know that we were impacting others and adjustments needed to be made. To be honest, these older images aren’t seeing a lot of traffic anyway so our hope is that this impact is minimal if any to our loyal readers. As you search though galleries you will find these older entries to flagged with

<< Images are now archived. Please contact 316Press for access and special requests >>

Please do let us know if you have a need for these images. We go back several years so just hit us up! Thanks for understanding! Be Blessed!! Joe and Mike

Image courtesy of: Lara604 via Flickr. Image used under creative commons license. No image modifications have been made.

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