Are you an advocate for kindness?

I know. It really is a bit of a loaded question. Of course your answer is going to be “yes”! I mean, who really want to be the one labeled as un-kind or un-caring, self centered or otherwise self absorbed. Not me!

But here is the truth…most of us, this writer included will often fail to offer a quick act of kindness. It can be as simple as a basic thank you offered to someone who opens a door for you, or something on a large scale that impacts many. It really doesn’t matter does it?  The founders here at this site and many of our loyal followers and readers are followers of Christ. As Christians we are chartered with being more Christ like in our daily lives. Impacting others in a kind and loving way at every opportunity. Not caring about the consequences we are to exhibit that which Jesus Christ describes as the 2nd greatest commandment of all behind loving God with all your heart: “Love your neighbor as yourself.

All of that said, I think sometimes we can use some inspiration to making an impact. Sometimes all it takes is learning how others are doing it to encourage you to step out a bit more yourself. To that end, I’ve recently stumbled upon a great organization whose entire goal is to encourage kindness. You’ll find some great ideas, example, stories and resources.

Please visit Random Acts of Kindness and browse around a bit. I think you will like what you see. We would also love to hear your stories and encouragement! Please don’t be shy…speak up and share with us all.

One very simple thing I will strive to do here is share some great, positive quotes from all sorts of sources. Many of which are going to be coming from the site I’ve referenced above.

By the way…the featured image for this post is from a great set by Joe Zimmerman. Check it out here.  The big red heart just felt especially fitting!

Be blessed!  More to come…

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