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Check out INO Records artist Cloverton. Fronted by Lance Stafford, Lance joined forces with his twin brother Layne,  along with Tim Brantl, Matt Brown, and Kirby LeMoine who all met while playing in a worship band for their local church. Early in 2008, Lance signed up to perform in Embassy Music’s Talent Search, which was held during Gospel Music Week. Keeping his entry a secret, Lance performed solo, winning both the regional songwriting and performance categories. The win entitled him to an industry showcase and studio time with Nashville producers.

Lance’s win gave Cloverton a channel for their passion and energy, as their five-song EP is now available.  The band’s central theme is simple: pointing people to a right relationship with God. “We hope to connect our listeners with something much bigger than any of us.”

You can checkout their latest work on their website: Cloverton . For a limited time you can get their latest release for FREE from . Direct link : “Take me into the beautiful” . This is an amazing new song and is going to soar up the radio charts. If they continue putting out songs like this they will me a force in the Christian music industry.For a the story behind the song “Take me into the beautiful” check out this short youtube video:


Currently available for purchase is Cloverton’s has a self title EP available on itunes: Cloverton

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