Color-coded Chords Make Learning Easy

Color-coded guitar playing that really helps you learn!

The 2012 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Ca. is one of those events that defines the year to come. With new and existing products being showcased by more than 1400 solution providers it’s easy for things to get lost in the mix. One goal Christian Concert Photos had was to seek out some of the smaller, cool and innovative products. You know, the ones found in the room downstairs, on the side isles in the big halls or way back in the corner. Cool products generally brought there by really cool people, but often lost in the noise of the deep-pocket campaigns. It would be easy to just report on the big, well known brand stuff (and we will) but we also want to seek out hidden treasures like this.

One such product is one that we found in Hall E. It’s one of those things that is just so simple you have one of those moments of “doh!” why didn’t I think of that? Be sure to check out the EZ Guitar Trainer system. A simple set of clingy, but removable, clear strips that use color dots and chord letters. Place your fingers on the three yellow “C” finger spots and you’ll strum a C-chord without even knowing what it is. Same approach for all of the other major chords. Already comfortable with your major chords? Change the peel and cling strips to the minor chords set and start learning.

Like mentioned above, it’s such a simple things and frankly, we are surprised to have not seen this before. ┬áThe strips will also work on any guitar! Apply them with risk of damage on acoustic, electric, full-size, 3/4 or 1/2. It just doesn’t matter. Check out the video below for usage of the training system. And by the way, you may have seen our recent post about the Pocket Strings training device. The EZ Guitar Trainer strips would be a great companion to that trainer!

Buy the EZ Guitar Trainer system HERE

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