Deep Space Network – Rock with a Purpose 2012

Next up from the Rock with a Purpose event on April 27 in Fredricksburg, Va. was the Deep Space Network. This is a local band who brings some great rock music to the area. Whenever I hear lead singer Aaron it always reminds me of American Idol and the judges talking about wanting someone with a unique and different voice. That’s Aaron. Great vocalist with a wonderfully unique voice that Christian Radio desperately needs to pull it out of the melancholy same sounding state it is in. The rest of the band is no slouch either. With a great rock sound that reminds me of some great 70’s rock. ( think Rush)  Check out a video and some of our photos of the band. Most importantly do yourself a favor and please check them out on facebook



  1. Kathy Wirtala May 3, 2012
  2. Joseph Zimmerman May 3, 2012

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