Disciple back in Southern California

Anyone following rock music in the CCM space is sure to know about Disciple. If somehow you have missed them along the way stop now. Go to the DISCIPLE website and check out the music on all your favorite outlets. While the crowd might have been considered a bit light this evening at The Packinghouse Church, this would prove to be a memorable evening on the wake of the terrible tragedy in France. With a fantastic mix of hard charging rock and an open and available heart for God, these guys are the real-deal.  They are not only professing the love of God and life’s struggles in their music, they live it as well.  This night was no exception as they played a great set. Lead singer Kevin Young stopped and shared his personal experiences and the power of faith in an amazing God in an emotional testimony and call to action. Kevin furthermore took part in a prayer meeting with those in need after the show. He was there and active and stayed until he had a chance to pray with all.

Regarding the aforementioned events in France, Kevin addressed this as well. a moment to remember, but also a reminder to be followers of Christ and offer the hardest thing there is; forgiveness and prayer for all. Including those who performed these heinous acts. Pray for peace. Pray for a softening of hearts.

Folks, this is what we are all hear for. In the end, this is a ministry to share the love of Jesus Christ though music. We are blessed to be a small a part of that effort.  The power in music is undeniable, combined with the power of Christ it is even more impacting.

Check out the set below…more to come in a second gallery…then head over to the Disciple site to get some of their music today! Be sure to watch for a new headline tour from Disciple in early 2016!


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