Disciple Rocks the High Desert

Wow, what a tour stop, what a line up!  If you are a fan of positive rock music we at 316Press hope you have had (of will have) a chance to catch the City Rock Fest tour. With a line up that included Children 18:3, Spoken, Decyfer Down, Seventh Day Slumber and Disciple Rocks at the helm it can’t be anything except an amazing night of music.

It seemed that the threat of rain in the area kept some of the crowds away, but that didn’t stop the bands from provided a full evening of amazing music and worship to God! Throughout the night there were many reminders of how God has stepped in and clearly provided His grace and that this grace is available to all! We always appreciate the amazing inspiration that positive arts give back to those who come in. Their hearts are clear, the motives pure. They fully immerse themselves into the gift provided and freely share it. We encourage you to go catch a show and please, take someone with you who needs to hear this message. A life may depend on it.

On with the photos. In an attempt to streamline things a bit, we are going to try and keep the photo galleries a bit smaller. For those who may need a commercial license, please contact us for your needs. We generally have more images available.

Much love!

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