Evie Haskell : Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars

Listening to Evie Haskell’s latest release is like spending a day at Disney World. “Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars” is such a fun and whimsical adventure that is original, passionate, and upbeat. The album is inspired by the last three years of Evie’s life. Marriage, a major move, and dream-chasing have lead to a fun and off-beat album that breaks the mold of today’s cookie cutter radio fare. Evie’s songwriting is filled with subtle wit and wisdom that rivals the songwriting master Chris Rice. I wont give a song by song review but will say that every song is as worthy of radio time as anything you’ll hear on today’s dial. “Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars” is getting lots of plays on my iPod and I’m certain that if you give her a try you’ll find the same thing. If there is one album you get yourself or anyone you love this Christmas season make sure you treat yourself to “Rhymes and Riddles, Cartwheels and Cars” by Evie Haskell.Check out the link below to hear for yourself.

Evie Haskell

Rhymes & Riddles, Cartwheels & Cars - Evie Haskell

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