Family Force 5 – Christmas Pageant – Milton Pa. 2013

I’ve seen Family Force 5 a lot but this was my first time for the Christmas Pageant. I must admit I was a little leery on how this show was going to go but I know I’ve never had a bad time watching FF5 so I gave it a go. The Milton Pennsylvania show, hosted by Uprise Festivals, was a nice, intimate setting and made the show feel like you were at your own personal home Christmas party. The night started with California native VRose who got the crowd started with her beautiful dexterous pop vocals. Next up was hard hitting modern rock by We As Human. I first seen these guys at Creation Festival in early summer and then again at Uprise Festival in early fall. Either they got better each time I heard them or I’m just loving the band the more I hear them. The certainly up the pace and I had a blast listening to them for the third time this year. The evening’s show changed gears once more with rap artist Flame. Flame, who topped the iTunes chart early this fall, and he certainly brought the scriptural heat this night. VRose also made a return appearance to sing a few songs with her Clear Sight label mate Flame. The evening then turned to the family. Family Force 5 that is of course. This was my first show with Jacob at the mic after Solomon’s (Soul Glow Activatur) decision to step down from touring. Jacob(Crouton) picked up the torch nicely and didn’t seem to miss a beat taking over the helm. this is also my first time hearing their new drummer Teddy Boldt (Hollywood) whom I can’t stop thinking is a dead ringer for a younger version of “Transformers” star John Turturro. FF5 is probably my favorite band to see performing live who never has a dull moment. They are always pulling out some crazy stunt or contraption like this evenings rolling drum set. The set was none stop energy with a mix of songs from several albums to their own versions of Christmas classics. If this tour come anywhere near you I definitely recommend you get out to see it. You wont be disappointed. Check out of photos from the show below:

*edit: I missed some photos: I added them to the gallery!

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