Flatfoot 56 – Uprise Festival 2011

I must start out by saying that out of all the other artists at Uprise Festival, Flatfoot 56 was truly my favorite performance of the weekend. Being that I never heard of them before this weekend may have something to do with that.  It brings back a bit of the feelings you use to get when you were a kid and you discovered something for the first time. It feels so new and fresh and it is like you’re the first one discovering it. If you’re unfamiliar with the band like I was, know that they are a Celtic punk and folk-tinged hardcore band from the South Side of Chicago. The band is comprised of 3 brothers: Tobin Bawinkel (vocals, guitar), Kyle Bawinkel (bass, vocals), Justin Bawinkel (drums, vocals) along with friends Eric McMahon (bagpipes, guitar), and Brandon Good (mandolin, guitar). I personally am not a typical hardcore/punk listener but I will tell you after their set I went and bought all 3 of their CDs. These guys are a class act and their body of work is comprised of  amazing anthem songs filled with aggressive Guitars, drums, bagpipes and mandolin playing. You can find out more about them on their facebook page: Flatfoot56 Before you go check out our slideshow of photos from their show at Uprise Festival.

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