Here comes the boom! UE Boom 2 that is…

Need a fantastic last-minute Christmas gift idea for a loved one or even your deserving self? We’ve got a great idea for you; the UE Boom 2 portable, waterproof portable speaker!

If you have been reading here for any length of time, you know we are big fans of Ultimate Ears. We also appreciate their great encouragement and support to build what we are doing here. The UE Boom product is one you may have seen for some time now. It’s available in the ‘regular’ size which is about the same size as a bottle of water, or the UE Megaboom which is bit larger (2 3/4 diameter X 7 1/2 tall verses 3.3 inch diameter X 8.9 inch tall).

I’ve had the opportunity to long-term test the original UE Boom, and can tell you simply this; I love it! This very portable package is easy to take with you wherever you go. Be it casual family and friends getting together or, as this writer often does, take it on business travel for the obvious music capabilities but also use the great speakerphone functionality. The original UE Boom was also weather and element resistant, but now we have….

The updated UE Boom 2 provides a great set of features in a portable package

The fully waterproof, IP7 rated UE Boom 2! Full waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes gives you the confidence to take this powerful unit anywhere. The Boom 2 gets a bit louder, and has a (slightly) improved sound signature. From outward appearances there only 2 things that stood out. First was the mesh of the unit itself. Mesh is a bit tighter weave on the version 2 unit. The second thing is the charge and input ports have rubber port plugs to help seal against the elements. One thing I noticed right away was the range. Compared to the original version, I found that I could stay connected a notably longer distances, for my use I found it to be easily 50 feet and probably more but not fully tested. Your results may of course vary and environmental conditions will impact this.

The mesh of the UE Boom 1 (top) and Boom 2 (bottom)

The Boom 1 and Boom 2 ports

The Boom features dual 1 3.4″ drivers that produce great 360 degree sound. It seems that this little unit always produces a bigger sound signature that you would ever expect. You can put this in a corner  and easily fill a small/medium room with great sound. Of course this isn’t a high-end audiophile speaker system so be sure to keep your expectations realistic. I’ve found that depending on the quality of the course material, the mix, etc you can push the limits if you try. Taking it to full volume will impact that sound quality in many cases as well as burn through the 10+ hour battery life a bit quicker. That said, it most cases the sound produced is more than satisfying and impressive. You’ll find more information and full specifications here:

We can’t forget one of the coolest features; using the UE application, you can connect 2 units for full stereo playback, or up to 10 units for party mode. The application makes it super easy to get everything up and running.  One thing to note, and this is mentioned from experience pairing the classic UE Boom and the UE Boom 2. The first thing you will want to do it update the firmware on the older unit. Next, there is a limit of only being able to use the pair in “party” mode. Due to the different sound signatures, stereo mode requires a matched pair of Booms. You cannot mix v1 and v2.

You’ll find the UE Boom at all the usual retail outlets, as well as on the UE site directly. We’ve seen some great deals on this for the Christmas season in many retailers. Be sure to follow the links for full product specs and information. We always presume people do that anyway so why replicate the same information?

Did we mention this is full waterproof?


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