IK Multimedia Announces iRig Recorder for Android

Easy-to-use audio recording app features built-in editing and processing,
and multiple export options

January 8, 2013 ュ IK Multimedia ュ the leader in mobile music creation apps
and accessories ュ is proud to announce iRigョ Recorder for the Android
operating system. iRig Recorder is a powerful audio recording and editing
app that turns a mobile Android device into a professional field recorder,
and makes it easy to capture interviews, classes, rehearsals, music
performances, lectures,  and more, with outstanding quality. When used with
the IK range of mobile microphones and accessories for Android including
iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast and iRig PRE, iRig Recorder provides a complete,
ultra-portable solution, to any recording needs on the go for the popular
Android platform.


In the Field
iRig Recorder is a simple to use audio recording app that can start
recording immediately when it is launched making it the perfect ウon the
spotイ field recorder. Users simply launch the app and hit the record button,
or can also configure the app to start recording audio immediately upon
launch.  The app automatically groups recordings by date, tags them with
geographic location information, and saves the original file as a backup.
Recording time is limited only by the available memory on the device. iRig
Recorder can be used with the built-in device microphone, or for superior
sound quality can be used with IKケs iRig MIC handheld microphone, iRig MIC
Cast compact device microphone, or iRig PRE professional studio XLR
microphone preamp, all designed for capturing broadcast quality audio on the

Editor’s Choice
Recording is only part of the story with iRig Recorder. It also provides a
precise waveform editor, which allows for selecting, cutting, and cropping
of the audio content. Automatic onboard audio processing options can
optimize recording levels and tone, remove background noise and increase the
overall audio quality so that anybody can produce professional quality audio
with no formal training.

The app can also speed up or slow down a recording without changing the
timbre. With its onboard processing and editing features, itケs possible to
produce podcasts or other types of programming, all without leaving the app.

Export Options
Finished recordings can be easily shared by e-mail and FTP, over Bluetooth,
through USB cables, from an SD card, or via apps installed on the device.
Files can be exported as CD-quality WAV files, or as compressed .ogg files,
ranging from 64 to 192 kbps.

A free version of iRig Recorder is also available, which provides the same
recording, level-optimization and export features as the full version, and
users can add the editing and additional processing via in-app purchase.

IK Multimedia is the leader in mobile music creation accessories and offers
several external miking options for the Android platform that allow for the
capture of higher quality recordings than can be obtained with a deviceケs
built-in mic. iRig MIC is a quality handheld mic designed for both close-
and distance-recording applications. iRig MIC Cast is an ultra-compact,
high-quality personal mic that attaches to the mobile device. iRig PRE is a
mobile mic preamp that allows for the use of professional XLR microphones
with. It even has phantom power for condenser mics. All of IKケs microphone
products allow for real-time monitoring of the recordings thanks to their
included stereo output connector for headphones or speakers.

Pricing and Availability
iRig Recorder will be available at the end of January on the Google Play

For more information, please visit www.ikmultimedia.com/irigrecorder

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