Jars of Clay – Uprise Festival 2011

I have to say for me personally Uprise Festival had the best lineup of artists of all the summer festivals I covered this year.  Jars of Clay was one of the first bands I ever shot in concert back in 2004. I wasn’t new to photography but I was to shooting concert and it was with my first digital camera the Sony Mavica 500 something. I wasn’t used to shooting digital, I got two shots off when JOC started playing then my batteries died. The one good shot is on the left.  I made sure I had plenty of juice this time.  I love the work the band does with the Blood For Water in addition to the great music they’ve put out over the years. They gave a great performance at Uprise Festival and it was a pleasure to finally get to shoot them again after 7 years! Check out of photos from the show:


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