Mayhem and Misdirection 2010

This review starts in a small church in Lock Haven Pennsylvania and ends at a Christian college in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania. We wanted to show something more that just music entertainment here at ChristianConcertPhotos and show that there is more entertainment out there for the family to enjoy together.The first show was at the First Church of Christ in Lock Haven on Thursday Oct 7th, 2010.It was a small church with a big heart and they were ready for a great show. After a brief introduction by Harris III the guys from 321 Improv took the stage. The comedy trio made of Carl Crispin, Adam Mollhagen, and Erik Gascoigne perform a comedy routine by taking suggestion from the audience and spinning them into a masterfully whimsical piece of comedy. They had the audience laughing from start to finish. Seeing how it was such a great time I had to take advantage of the opportunity to cover another show so the next day I traveled to the Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania. I don’t typically comment on the venues I’m at but I must say BBC had a beautiful campus and everyone I came across was nice and friendly. Having just seen the 321 Improv gang the night before I wasn’t prepared to laugh quite as much figuring it would be somewhat a repeat of the night before. Boy was I wrong. Its a similar act but the content was fresh and I laughed as much if not more than the night before.Even the college president made it into the routine, well his sweater vest did. I feel I should point out that they are not Christian Comedians. They are comedians who are also Christian. What I mean by that is they are not going to be up their telling God and Jesus jokes. Their performance shows that you don’t need to curse and tell dirty jokes to get people to laugh and have fun. If 321Improv comes to your area be sure to take your whole family as you surely wont be disappointed.


321 Improv

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On to the MAGIC. The laughs didn’t end once Harris III took the stage. Harris III brought a humorous routine that entertained the audience through his charm and skillful presentations of illusions. Starting back at the First Church of Christ, Harris III’s performance on the small stage was anything but small. The audience was thrilled and kept captivated with his close-up and personal show. Even one of the kids from the audience got to perform right from Harris III’s original bag of tricks. The Baptist Bible College allowed for a bigger stage which meant some bigger stage effects where in store for this show. From Harris III’s blade dancing, to the incredible shrinking women, the audience was thrilled with the show. Even with the big venue Harris III still entertained with some close-up magic including my favorite types of illusions, rope tricks. Harris III closed out both shows with what’s always a crowd favorite, Harry Houdini’s Metamorphosis. Through out Harris’ show he reminds us about being fooled by what we see and how easy we are easily deceived. But he reminds us that there is one truth and not to allow worldly things to trick us. He reminds us to walk by faith and to meet the challenges of this world by talking with God and living life for Him. Harris has a true heart for God and it clearly showed throughout his show. This allows Harris’ message to connect with his audience in a unique and meaningful way. From a small Church to a large College, Harris kept the audience entertained and engaged the whole performance.

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