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I was poking through my Instagram posts from the past few months (@smartastronaut if you want to find me) and realized that I only published my favorite highlights from NAMM 2016 there and not here.  In the spirit of  “Throwback Thursday”,  here are my top 4 favorite highlights (in no particular order) from NAMM:

1. Robert Keeley!

The man is a legend to guitar geeks everywhere.  I don’t know how the man squeezes such amazing  tone out of all of his creations, but clearly he’s operating on a whole other level than most guitar gear makers.  I picked up the Keeley 30ms at NAMM – check out my review.

A stunning array of tonal options to demo at the Keeley booth at Namm 2016!

A stunning array of tonal options to demo at the Keeley booth at Namm 2016!


2. Aldrine Guerrero at the Kanile’a booth!

When I started seriously learning how to play the ukulele three years ago, I spent way too much time online looking for resources.  And then I found Ukulele Underground.  Aldrine Guerrero is face behind all of the lessons on Ukulele Underground and he is not only an amazing player, but he also does a fantastic job of teaching.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing what Aldrine Guerrero can do on the ukulele, please enjoy.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s playing such a beautiful Kanile’a.


3. Benny Chong at the Kamaka booth!

I absolutely love traditional jazz. And I love masterful ukulele playing.  It only adds up that I would love getting to see Benny Chong play.  He makes it look so easy!  Like Aldrine, it’s even more fun to watch him when you realize that the ukulele he’s playing is the kind of amazing instrument that any ukulele player would love to get his/her hands on.  I need to start saving up for a Kamaka

4. Songhammer!

I don’t play World of Warcraft (no judgement here), but you have to respect a concept like Songhammer – a World of Warcraft cosplay tribute that writes and performs songs about World of Warcraft at a variety of conventions to super fans.  They definitely stick out when they are walking around the NAMM convention floor in full regalia.  The whole thing got a lot more personal for me when I realized that I knew Ben from a million years ago when we both worked at the same Christian camp during a summer in college.  Clearly, I had to take a photo with them.  And Ben let me wield the hammer!

Songhammer! My foes don't stand a chance! I guess I need to get some foes...

Songhammer! My foes don’t stand a chance! I guess I need to get some foes…


Clearly, I am looking forward to what NAMM 2017 will have to offer!

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