Need a Creative Outlet? 316Press is looking for YOU!

Hello Friends and family!  Thank you so much for taking a couple minutes to read this important update. As we wind down 2016 and look to the future, there are a number of plans being mulled in regard to the future of 316 Press. We have been greatly appreciative of your support over the years and prayerfully ask that you continue that. First and foremost in prayer, we trust 100% that God will use this outlet to let His glory be seen, and that has always been the onus of this site. All growth has been organic with no outside funding (though we could use it sometimes!), and has been a passion of love for what we do. We will continue into 2017 and beyond and hope to increase the effectiveness of the message behind this site. The beautiful music created by so many passionate and talented artists has been our first focus and we want to increase the product reviews and interest items we have brought you already.

As Joe and I have tried to grow what we do and despite extremely taxing schedules, we have been met with great success and amazing stories but we have seen some ideas fail. That’s the way it should be. Stretching ourselves to the point of failure is an amazing way to learn a better approach. Through these efforts there has been a conscious effort to let this grow at God’s pace and will despite the earthly trap of wanting it all in our expectation of what the growth should be. Trusting in Him through this process has increased our faith and we are grateful for that.

So after that long winded intro, just what is it we are looking for? The answer is simple; YOU!  Are you a talented photographer, writer or other creative? Do you have a passion for God and a desire to share that? We are seeking a limited number of new contributors. Here are a couple thoughts and guidelines…a more formal guideline will be available soon.

  • Photographers
    • Are you a talented music and live event photographer? We can offer an outlet for your work in what we hope will become a creative collective with a common interest.
      • Photograph family-freindly/Christian concerts events in your area and provide 12-15 edited images for gallery/review inclusion on 316Press.
      • Utilizes your contacts and connections to help obtain proper media credentials. 316Press will help as much as possible and will sometimes solicit specific coverage in our pool of contributors.
      • This is an unpaid opportunity. All images will have the 316Press watermark with bylines/credits listed for you.  You will retain all copyrights and release privileges. 316Press will not release any images without your permission and will discuss any possible licensing opportunities. We do not require any level of exclusivity with images.
      • We really need someone with some experience shooting events, and capable of producing professional quality images. This is not currently a training opportunity.
      • What do you get in return?
        • We will develop full profile pages for every contributor. This will include any biographical information, website links, contact information, etc. that you desire. The final format is still being developed.
        • You will have full photo/writing credits. Look, we fully understand that credits do not pay the bills. We totally get that and honestly are a bit embarrassed to even position like this. The simple truth is there is no resource to provide payment. Some will walk away from this opportunity because of that, and that is totally respected. We’ve done the same thing. We ask that you please remember the site is driven by a mission, a calling if you will, to share God’s amazing music with those who have bad impressions of what “christian” music is or can be. We hope this will change in the future but cannot offer any compensation at this point.
        • We will assist as best as possible in obtaining media credentials. We have developed some great contacts over the years but we will need your help with the local perspective.
        • We are considering a user/fan forum section. You may also have the opportunity to moderate a specific section.
        • You will also have an outlet for other creative opportunities including video, writing articles related to the focus of 316 Press or more. Much of this will be defined.
  • Writers
    • Are you a writer seeking an outlet for your creative prose?
      • We are seeking writers who desire to produce articles related to the CCM market. This could be reviews, editorial, scripture related, etc.
      • Regular contributors will be presented an opportunity to maintain a regular feature-column.
      • We are open to Biblical based perspectives without being overly aggressive. I hope that makes sense. We have no desire to tone-down or soften God’s words, but we do not desire to become overly-preachy. Remember, our goal here has been to plant seeds and open doors. While some may not agree, we feel that an approach of judgement and lecturing does more to push away those who do not know God than it does to open hearts. A truthful approach, presented in love not judgement will plant the seeds we desire to sow.
      • Let us know your thoughts and ideas and we will make a determination together regarding the fit.

As mentioned above, more formal guidelines are being developed. The desire here is to grow what we present, attract new readers and followers and plant seeds. There is so much potential here for growth and we want you to be part of it!

  • So, you have read this far…how can you get started? 
    • The best way is to use the contact form here on the site. Let us know the following information.
      • Name
      • Location
      • Experience
      • Website with sample of work
      • What you would like to do here?
      • Being a Christian is a big part of understanding the direction of this site. What church do you attend?
      • Anything else relevant to help us determine if you are a great fit!
    • We will review all inquires and contact people as best as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading this far! We appreciate and love you all. We look forward to seeing where God leads this next phase of 316Press.


-much love,

Mike and Joe


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