Night of Worship at NAMM – What it’s all about

More to come because frankly it’s late. But opening day of The NAMM Show 2012 was topped off by an incredible Night of Worship with performances by Lakewood Worship Team featuring Israel Houghton, Blues Counsel and Lincoln Brewster. Like I said, more to come so there is only 1 photo, but I felt it important to say one thing; Our God is an amazing God. Free and loving for all who will choose to come. When it comes right down to it, it only about 1 thing: Jesus. All the hype of the music business aside why we (Christian Concert Photos and others) do what we do is because of that. We are hear to honor God and share his name with the world. A heartfelt thank you to the artists, sponsors and hard working individuals who gave their time to make this night of praise happen.

Lincoln Brewster at The NAMM Show 2012

Lincoln Brewster performs at The NAMM Show 2012

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