Practice With Pocket Strings

Weather you are a guitar expert or just learning, you need to practice!

One thing about every musician I can think of is this; passion. A passion and desire to constantly be playing, performing or singing. The old saying really is true that practice makes perfect. In the case of a guitar player this can often be easier said than done. Can you really carry your guitar with you everywhere you go? Most people can’t and heck, even when you can it is not always practical to pull it out and play. At the 2012 Winter NAMM Show we found a new, fun solution. The folks over at Pocket have produced an easy, affordable way for you to learn!

Packaged in a lightweight plastic housing about the size of a television remote control, Pocket Strings are an easy way to build the muscle memory and strength in all situations. This training device offers a full-width wood fretboard and real strings to make this as realistic as possible. Use it anywhere; on the bus, on a plane, walking, on that long road trip or goofing off in school…whatever.

Available soon in several colors, this new solution is sure to help your playing skills. Check out a couple photos from the show and their promo video below. When you are ready to order your own, BUY IT HERE


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