Ready for some Ukulele?

One of the wonderful things about The NAMM Show is the ability to see, hear and meet some amazingly talented people. One of which was Ukulele Virtuoso Derick Sebastian. I’ve loved the pure, simple sound of an Uke’ for a very long time. It’s an instrument that…to me…just stands for pure, simple musical inspiration. While I’ve not learned to play it yet, I want to. I’ve wanted to since the fist time I heard the sweet pure sound of this simple instrument. When I get an opportunity to watch and listen to someone like Derick, I get inspired even more. Be sure to listen for yourself at his site, Derick Sebastian

Another part of this whole journey that we are on…and part of that should be obvious from the title of this site…is to see where God leads us. I had the opportunity to get to know Derick a little bit on the last Sunday of the show. He’s a great guy, full of the famous Hawaiian aloha spirit and a family man who honors God first. There are times when I just feel so small and in God’s presence, and this was one of those. A time when connections were made and strength renewed and it all happens clearly outside our own design.  It really was a joy to end the day listening to Derick give a clinic on how to play this simple, beautiful instrument. I hope you will check him out…and drop a note of encouragement. I think there is a full worship album inside this guy just waiting to come out!   BTW…if I can get it edited right, I might have a short video clip to post here. Stand by!


God bless!


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