RED Brings the Rage to House of Blues

of Beauty and Rage, that is. That is the title of RED’s latest release and this was a great venue to hear parts of of it live. It was a full night of great rock as RED was also supported by some (new to me) fantastic bands. Bad Seed Rising rocked the house, and was a refreshing surprise. These young artists are poised to have a great impact on the rock music scene having already been featured in the recent film Spy starring Melissa McCarty. Next up was Adelita’s Way. I really enjoyed the set these guys laid down. Solid, driving rock music like it should be. With a sound all their own this is another band I think you’ve not heard the last of. Have no doubt….rock is not dead…bands like Adelita’s Way are going to make sure it never stops. (We will add some shots of both Bad Seed Rising and Adelita’s Way in another gallery post soon. )

RED at House of Blues AnaheimThen it was time for the main act. I have to say…I might be a bit biased. I really enjoy this band, and it’s always a treat to see them live. After seeing them several times, watching the continued growth along with the evolution of the music and message it’s clear why I was drawn to their art to start with. There is an unwavering faith in God and trust that they do not shy away from. RED hits the hard issues directly and understands the weakness, the darkness, the fear that can consume us all. They also know there is a God to breathe life into us all. Available freely and without condition that can turn away the darkness.

The bands new release, of Beauty and Rage, clearly orchestrates the battle between the forces that draw upon us all. The questions we have about faith, worthiness, forgiveness or a lack of it. This new release also does a great job of connecting the intent and connection of the lyrics and music. Tied together like a cinematic overture, gentle and haunting strings combined with driving rage of the guitars and percussion.  We are taken into the music and directed through the scenes. In this case we are shown the darkness and the light. The beauty and the rage. The questions and the answers. The band has collectively done a great job of keeping this release cohesive and directed. A reminder that we all face similar struggles, many of us are filled with doubt and wonder if it’s real. In the end the Beauty wins. His loving grace undeserved but freely given.  If there were any feedback less than positive it would be minor. At times, it can feel as if the strings extend a bit long and the listener can get a bit lost. Irregardless, we are taken right back into the drama of the content and importance of what’s being said. While many lyrics connect, one really hits me. As one who turned away from the loving grace and beauty of God’s love and questions why I know I’m not the only one. I know that I truly worthy of His grace…and YOU ARE TOO…but I still find myself questioning how or why. If you feel this way, stop and listen to Yours again.

Will I wake up from this moment. Will I see you slip away. Or is this a new beginning Of beauty and rage. Where did I lose my passion? When did I start to fade? Without you my world is darkness… I won’t let go again

Okay, on with the photos. In past RED concerts, I’ve always tried to capture well lit, engaging images of this band and to be honest, it’s difficult! Why? Well, because that’s not the scene we see live. This is a band that presents a moody, darker display that pulls you in and keeps you engaged. It’s a strong back-lighting approach with a lot up upward, directional light. Remember their song Faceless? This is about the music. The message. The art. Not the band members individually. So, all of that said the approach this time is to try and present that darker mood and still be engaging. 316Press would love to hear your feedback on this set! This will also be broken into a couple different galleries…be sure to check out both! This second link is contains additional images from RED at the House of Blues






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