Revelation Festival 2014

There are so many great opportunities around for kids these days that I’m really surprised  when I hear people saying they are bored and there is nothing to do. Well in the little town of  Lebanon Pennsylvania on August 9th 2014 a local youth decided to do something about  it. The area  previously hosted the Purple Door festival but they closed their door in 2012. Alex Shepler, a local youth, while still attending college, felt the need to bring some music back to the area. So with the help of his local church, and a few sponsors, the Revelation Festival was born.  The festival was held at the Kochenderfer church this past Saturday and played host to several local bands along with nationally know acts Abandon Kansas and Everyday Sunday. There was lots of hard work behind the scenes for months and it really showed with how well the event was organized and ran. The sounds was superb and the schedule was on point with no delays. All the artist were very impressed with the graciousness of the promoter along with the great hospitality. As a photographer my only nitpick was with the lighting. I may dub this the lowlight festival, but really as a photographer we can never have to much light.  The local youth had no excuse for not having something fun to do because it was a great day of entertainment. The LAEFC youth band started the day off with a nice worship set. Up next was another local artist that really stood out for me.  Cosette Gobat . She has an amazing voice and was spot on during her performance. Next up was Oh Tear the Veil who brought their fast pace and energetic metalcore all the way from Ohio. This was my third time seeing these guys perform and it is always fun.  Another local band, The Jesse Baker Band,  was up next and was another great set with their classic rock sound.  After speaker Aaron Smith the music started back up with another Lebanon area band Damaskus Road. Sometimes when local bands do cover songs it can sound a bit weird. This was not the case with Damaskus Road. They were really on with their performance and they made the songs sound like their own.  Up next was Allistair. Zander and his crew brought the dance back with their pop rock/electronic dance and had the crowd jumping all around. Allistair is another artist I really enjoy getting to see live.  Next up was nationally known but new to me, Abandon Kansas. This was definitely another treat for me. Its always great when you discover a new artist and is also what is great about festivals like these. You always have a great opportunity to expand your listening option.  Closing out the festival was Everyday Sunday. The last time I seen Trey Pearson was during Spring Jam in 2011. Now with a small support band Trey and Carter Frodge closed the festival out with a fun dance party. I’m really hooked on his new release “Calculate”. Check out the individual galleries below. This was a really fun and successful festival for its first year and  I’m already looking forward to next years festival. Great job to you Alex and all your crew.

God Bless:   Joe

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LAEFC Youth Band

Cosette Gobat

Oh Tear The Veil

Jesse Baker Band

Damaskus Road


Abandon Kansas

Everyday Sunday

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