Rock and Worship Tour Returns to California

At some point, its becomes a bit difficult to come up with ways that describe events like the Rock and Worship Tour that have not already been said by myself and other outlets. 9 very talented, God-centered and humble acts pour out their craft for thousands and thousands of people. There is a massive army of support staff, location personnel and volunteers that help bring it all together. There are supporting sponsors, supporting companies and understanding supportive families. Add to that all of the venues and their staff who may or may not understand a bunch of crazy Christians coming together to give it all away. All of this comes together for one reason; to glorify God first and foremost in all that is done. Amazing in so many ways. All of these people are united for a single purpose, unified by the glory in His name, not their own. They do it for a calling, not to get rich. (more on that later) They all do it for the hope that we have all been given. The prayer that even a single person would receive His grace. Tim Timmons So then what, just what is the point here? “I came to see some photos of my favorite band!”, you say. Well, we will get there. There are a few pictures below and there will be more added to different set posts soon. My point here…or more importantly, the point I feel led to talk about is this; I want you to support this tour. At a larger level, I want you to support Christian Artists and Artists who are Christians   I want you to praise God in this amazing music that gifted artists share with us. I want you to be inspired and to BRING A FRIEND WHO NEEDS GOD to the show. I want you to remember who we praise and why we praise. Be sure you are worshiping the Creator of this joyous sound, not the creation of it. I want you to remember and support those who bring it all together. I want you to lift them in prayer RIGHT NOW. Not later, but stop and do it now. No excuse.

Rhett Walker Band     I’m a fan as much as you are…trust me. I love music! Since the second grade when I had a nerdy clarinet put in my hands it has been a part of me. I love to shoot shows and grab a moment in time from a show to share with you. To maybe spur the interest of one who needs to know Christ. Maybe they will look a little further and hear about his love. Maybe they will hear they that they don’t have to be good enough for His love and grace. We are all sinners who need this loving kindness and its there for the asking. I want you to pause for a moment and think about who you will bring to the next stop of the show. My Pastor recently said this; if Christians only hang out with other Christians there will soon be no more. It is our job…no, our obligation to share His name with others. The Rock and Worship Roadshow is a fabulous opportunity to do this! Please forgive me if I sound a bit harsh and direct here, but it’s time to be bold in our faith. I sincerely hope I don’t offend with this or any other post, but if I do tell me! I suspect one of us needs to understand more.

Jeremy CampOkay, on to the show itself. As I said above large tours like the RWRS13 have done a great job of getting the word out. They have been praised for the great music and rightly so. This was the fifth time the event landed in Ontario, California and I can say this; they did not disappoint! God was present on this night without question, fellowship was high and the music covered a lot of styles. Sorry…squirrel!…that reminds me. We have all been reminded of one thing. God is always there! Here! and everywhere! We invite God to join us but guess what? He already is. How cool is that? Okay, back on track… I was there to shoot an extended set of my friends at Family Force 5 but took advantage of the opportunity to shoot the other acts as well. One thing I love about RWRS is the different styles of worship. Where else can you hear things from local acoustic guitar praise of someone like Tim Timmons, to the southern-rock (think Lynard Skynard) of The Rhett Walker Band, to the infectious crunk rock groove of Family Force 5. Mix in Luminate as they gain a solid fan base, Adam Capa introduced many to his fresh new sound,  Jeremy Camp and his praiseful sound and worship with Kutless sharing their rockin’ message.  Not over yet…just when you think it can’t get any better, 9000 people are on their feet with God’s message via the hip-hop/rap sounds of Tedashii. Close out the night with the amazing MercyMe and an inspirational message from Bart Millard and you have a night to remember. Whew. Speaking for myself I can tell you that I’ll be following several of these guys much more than I did before. Tedashii…who knew? You might of but his groove had mostly escaped me. Not any more 🙂 And as a long time fan of Lynard Skynard, Rhett nation has a new member. I really like what these guys are doing and I predict a great future for these guys. I’ll certainly be watching Adam Capa and Luminate much more as well. You NEED TO GO to one of the remaining tour stops! No arguments Grab that guy or girl, that man or woman, that stranger or friend who needs His grace and Go!  Check here for remaining dates/locationsKutless

Okay, next topic. I should probably break this into another post or two but what the heck, I’m on a roll now!  As I mentioned above there are a lot of people that make this entire tour possible. The artists themselves are really doing this on their own. The ticket price for this show is only $10. Ten bucks! When is the last time you saw a secular show with a ticket price of $10, especially with this level of production. This subtle, but important point is one of the big differences here. It speaks volumes about priorities. One trusts the money brought in from ticket sales, the other completely trusts and knows that God’s got it. The sponsors of this tour are also important. Also be sure to grab some of the great swag at the merch tables. There you will find incredible prices on many of the artists CD’s. How about $5 for the latest release? (priorities, yes?) If you are up for it, most of these guys will be at their booths to say hello, sign an autograph and grab a pic.

Please visit the following folks who make this happen;

Compassion International. Grand Canyon University. Imagine a Cure. Logos Bible Software. New Release Tuesday. We Love Christian Music Awards.

You’ll find more information regarding all of these HERE.

Alright. I suppose this post is already long enough and breaks many of the so-called rules of blogging/posting/whatever. In the end I suppose I don’t care much about those ‘rules’ of the world. We are here for a purpose. A purpose that cannot be denied or stopped. We must all reach out and be bold in our faith. As Jeremy Camp reminded us on this fantastic night, it’s time to be reckless.

God bless you all. More to come…mike

Tim Timmons

Rhett Walker Band

Family force 5
Adam Capa
Jeremy Camp

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