Sandy Hook Benefit

Aaron Bartling T-shirt design to benefit Sandy Hook

Aaron Bartling T-shirt design to benefit Sandy Hook

In recent days we have all been witness to a very dark side of humanity. It makes us all stop in our tracks and question everything. We seek guidance from God. We, as humans want to know why. We may never know those answers but trust with unfailing confidence that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knows and His loving arms will provide the much desired comfort. \

Events like these strike especially hard when innocent children are impacted. We at Christian Concert Photos pray with the nation…the world…for these young victims, their families and those surrounding them. Our hearts are broken and tears cannot seem to find an end. We want to help, but we sit feeling hundreds or thousands of miles away. There are ways to get involved, and we would like to tell you about one.

Aaron Bartling, from Narrow Path Designs. Aaron has felt God’s urge to make a real difference. The sentiment only goes so far, but people can and do make a difference. Aaron is a great artist and he has come up the image featured here and on the home page. This fitting design featuring these young victims being wrapped in the arms of angels is at once touching and convicting. Please take a couple of minutes to watch Aaron’s story in this video. We have also included a direct statement as posted on the campaign page. Please prayerfully consider supporting this worthy cause. We would also be most grateful if you shared this page on Facebook, twitter, your blog or where ever you can.

From Aaron:
My name is Aaron Bartling, I am a freelance artist and a soldier in the Army National Guard. I will cut straight to the chase, shorlty after the Sandy Hook tragedy took place I had the idea to design a T shirt as a way to bless the victims families involved in the Sandy Hook shooting. I immediately felt God pressing on my heart to make this happen. To take action in a time that is so tough for these people. It’s not a time to just say “sorry” or “I’m here for you”, or “thats horrible”. All those things are nice, but I wanted to actually DO something. To show we care and to show love and support. So I had the vision of how I wanted the design to look almost instantaneously. It was as if God downloaded it into my brain thus I got right to work on it. I worked for 10 hours straight and put all my heart and soul into it. My intentions going into this design was to create something that would be eye catching, powerful, beautiful, bright, somber, and inspiring. I was extremely happy with the results of the final design. As I mentioned above being a freelance artist and soldier funds for a project like this are non existent. My goal is to get this design on a shirt, and use the funds from shirts sold to be given to the families affected by this catastrophic event. The idea being that those who would like to support this cause would donate not only to buying a shirt but also funding the printing for them. Right from the get go I wanted this project to be selfless, I would not acquire any of the funds for my personal gain. I was also very excited when I found out Benaiah clothing would partner with me to print the shirts. they offered to give me a very special deal as there was of contributing to my cause. This shirt would be a way for all of us to be a blessing to the hurting. This is our way to help them financially during this chaotic and hellish time. We truly feel like God will open the doors and He will make this work. If I could hand over the money and get the shirts all printed on my own I would. But financially it wouldn’t be possible for me. But I believe if we all come together and make this a joint effort we can make this happen. God Bless, thank you for being so supportive of this project, and helping those who are so very hurting during this time. Now there are definitely risks involved. The risk being we don’t meet our deadline, or miss the goal by a long shot. But I am trying to focus on being positive and be optimistic. I believe God will make this happen and open the doors for the shirts to be printed. If setbacks do occur I am ready for them and plan to keep everyone informed on exactly what is going on. This is a group effort and that is my main goal is to include everyone in exactly whats going on. I’ve made it my mission to get these done no matter what. Even if funds don’t reach the exact point I want them too, I will pull whatever funds available to make this mission complete. If that means working some extra days or hours to pull from my own pocket its worth it. I just want to let you all know I’m not going to give up on this, if things start slow. These people need us they need the support and we can overcome any challenge set before us. Thank you for all the support once again.

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