Snap Dragon Introduces Innovative Tripper Professional Folding Electric

Snap Dragon Introduces Innovative Tripper Professional Folding Electric Guitar

Engineer Gerry Dale and producer Robin Millar reinvent the pro travel guitar; featuring two dual-rail humbuckers, solid maple neck & patented Evertune bridge, it unfolds in tune!

The NAMM Show € Booth #C4227 (January 24-27, 2013)‹So-called ³travel guitars² have been around for a while. Les Paul even designed one! Their small scale, complicated dismantling and assembling, lousy sound, poor playability and toy looks have always made the travel guitar more of a novelty or a hotel room diversion than a proper professional instrument. Not only that, tuning up the guitar once it was unfolded was a real drag.

Now engineer Gerry Dale and superstar record producer Robin Millar have done for the pro electric guitar what Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have done for headphones. Two years, seven different woods, six necks, eight pickup configurations and 11 prototypes later, they¹ve created a guitar worthy enough for a top professional to rely on and enjoy on the road.

Tripper is a beautifully crafted, professional electric self-tuning folding guitar. Taking only a few seconds to fold away or unfold, Tripper will pass through any airport cabin bag measure so you can take it on the plane with you with no hassle or bargaining with the crew!

Featuring two quality dual-rail humbuckers, a bespoke beautiful solid maple neck and with the patented Evertune bridge, this great instrument has the unique feature of being in tune as soon as it¹s unfolded! More than that, this fully pro-spec instrument will stay in tune for a two-hour set‹or even longer! No motors, no batteries, just precision tension engineering.  You only tune this guitar onceŠ when you change the strings!

The Tripper will redefine the travelling guitarist¹s first choice instrument. For the price of an off-the-shelf Fender American Strat, you get a world-class guitar with none of the travel hassle. MSRP (standard model)
$1,100 US. Snap Dragon can set up your guitar for your preferred string gauge and we¹ll even fit your favourite pickups and finish the body in your favourite colour if you ask nicely. Available worldwide from Watch our intro video here:

About Snap Dragon Guitars
When Gerry Dale, a keen guitarist for more than forty years suddenly found himself having to travel frequently by air, he was dismayed to learn how difficult it was to carry a conventional instrument onboard an aircraft. Aquick search of the web revealed that a number of companies were making folding or collapsible guitars, but almost all of them required partial dismantlement to fit into small spaces, or featured hinging necks, which put unnecessary stress on the instrument’s strings. So Gerry set out to find a new way to condense the dimensions of a guitar, without sacrificing any of the qualities or attributes a keen musician would want from their instrument. An instrument that could be SWITCHED from travel to playing
position in a moment with ease, and the Snap Dragon was born. There’s no fussy assembly or hinge to cause potential locking problems between the neck and the base of the guitar. Easy to use and fun to play, Snap Dragon guitars are a must have item for musicians on the move and one of the most innovative and desirable gadgets to come on the market since the MP3 player.

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About Robin Millar
Producer, guitarist, DJ and educator, Millar resume boasts credits and achievements too lengthy to list here. His productions have sold well over 55 million copies and have won almost every major global music award
including Brit and Grammy Awards. Dubbed ‘Golden ears’ by Boy George, Robin is the man behind Sade, the producer of the first acid jazz record and of the biggest selling French album of all time. Robin and Danny Boyle are the only British people to have produced an Olympic Games opening ceremony. In 2010 The Brit Awards Voting Academy nominated Sade’s ‘Diamond Life’ as ‘one of the best 10 British albums of the last 30 years’. To reflect his musical and campaigning career Robin was awarded a CBE in the 2010 Queen’s Birthday
Honours. He was inducted last year as a Fellow of the Association of Professional Recording Services with Peter Gabriel.

About Gerry Dale Designs, Ltd
G Dale Designs was formed in 1979 and specialises in design and development of equipment for the disabled, design and development of products and setting up “Turn Key” solutions with full engineering support.

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