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As 316 Press grows, there is a desire to include more information around not only concerns, but other “family friendly” events in which you too can get involved. There is nearly always a need for energetic and flexible volunteers at both local concerts and the bigger festivals as well. Sometimes the need is well into the hundreds! We would encourage you all too get out find some great events to support in your communities. Another option outside of the concerts and music events we walk about is Special Olympics.

The impact of an organization like Special Olympics is massive! Special Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere. We are the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities: with more than 4.9 million athletes in 172 countries — and over a million volunteers. You can find volunteer opportunities in your community by visiting their main website. Look towards the bottom of the page for a lot of info or go right to this dedicated information page.


This writer (Mike) has found volunteering photo services to be an incredibly rewarding experience. To see the pure joy and selfless attitudes of the amazing athletes is nothing short of incredible. You simply cannot help but smile the entire day. I’ve had the good fortune to support many great events including School Games, Summer and Fall games, the Plane Pull and even the massive World Games when Los Angeles hosted thousands of athletes from around the world.  This past weekend found me at the Long Beach Plane Pull supported by Special Olympics of Southern California and the Law Enforcement Torch Run teams. The goal is for teams to pull a 124,000 pound (!) FedEx airplane the fastest! All the while with a goal to raise funds to support the upcoming activities and events. The goal this year is $150,000 and at last check, it was at over $135,000 beating the record from last year.

So, if you have some time and would like to help, the Special Olympics region near you can find a great find for you to share your talents, or even become a participating athlete. Here’s a few photos from the event this past weekend. Will likely add a few more as I get through them. Thanks for looking!

Much love anymore to come…



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