Superchick Reinvention Tour

Grammy nominated band Superchick has kicked off their fall tour, focusing mostly on the west coast in support of their latest release, Reinvention. ‘Reinvention’ is a word that means change, and that is what we expect on this tour: GOD to show up like never before and change our lives forever,” says Superchick bassist Matt Dally. “We want your life to be different when you walk out of the show; I want my life to be different as well. Come and see God transform us all to be closer to Him. Oh and it’s going to rock your face off too!”

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A first for me, but certainly not the last. I’ve always been a fan of the music and message Superchick has shared, but never had a chance to see one of their shows. I recently had the opportunity to attend a stop during the Reinvention Tour 2010 in southern California and all I can say is Superchick, please don’t wait too long to return! Also featured on this tour are; Bread of Stone, Me in Motion and Manafest. The result was a great evening of music, worship to our God and a chance to reinvent and focus where it matters.


Dressed mostly in white, the Superchick set was full of favorite songs and high energy all the way. The fantastic crowd was engaged and supportive and you could feel the energy returned by the band. Superchick provided a great assortment of both old and new songs, alternating tempos nicely as to us all on a journey of worship to the Creator. The guys on the mix board had things dialed in quite nicely as well. Sound was well balanced and matched to the room in full support of the great vocals and instruments. I was blessed with my wife being there with me and it sounded so good that there was more than one time when she had wondered if they were playing a track instead of singing live.

With a focus right back to God, where it belongs, the band also made sure to talk about giving back in support of the amazing work done by Compassion International. I also liked it when they reminded the ladies in the audience…young and older…that they are truly beautiful. No matter what the world wants them to be, God has made each and every one of them beautiful in their own way. Let’s stop worrying about the world and what it says. Love yourself, respect yourself and resist the pressures. Jesus Christ will give you that strength!

In closing for this short review, let me end with this. If Superchick is coming to a city near you; go! You will have a great evening!

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