Tenth Avenue North at Fishfest 2011 in Irvine, California

Part two of the coverage from Fishfest 2011 presented by The Fish 95.9 radio and Transparent Productions highlights Tenth Avenue North. With roots in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tenth Avenue North…named so because, well, that’s where they lived…has developed a strong and loyal fan following over the past 11 years.

With music deeply rooted in a love of God and sharing the beautiful living words through their gift, the guys did not disappoint in Irvine. with a late afternoon start in what was probably the hottest part of the day the band layed it all out there. Hopefully you will see from the photos that they did not hold back in the heat but fully embraced it. The music was great and the message was clear. It’s about love. It’s about giving. It’s about Jesus Christ.

I want to also encourage you to visit the bands website, particularly the “music” section. One thing that I think can sometimes happen is we all love the music, love to listen, get into the groove and enjoy the time. But while we sing along to our favorites are we remembering what we are actually singing? Are we -hearing- the meaning and purpose or are they just words? Spend a few minutes on their site and read the message about each song from the last 2 albums. It’s important and besides, you can impress all your friends with the knowledge you have.

So without further delay, here are some pictures from the show. As usual, there are lots more. If you are an editor or other user looking to license images we might have exactly what you are seeking to license in private galleries. God bless!

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