The Protest visits So Cal

In the category or better late than never, we are glad to finally get a post up about a recent show we covered featuring a new (to us) band called The Protest. This great rocking band from Indiana joined the Disciple Rocks tour for a stop at The Packing House Church in Redlands California  late 2015. If you are a fan of great rock music with a great underlying focus, you need to check this band out! With a great stage presence, solid rocking chops and great content the band had the whole place up on their feet enjoying the show.


With a sound that fits somewhere between the early Thousand Foot Krutch hits like Puppet or Rawkfist, toss in a little rock crunch of Spoken and For Today (without the screams). Add a little Disciple Rocks,  Nine Lashes and Brian Head Walsh and you might get something out the other side that gives you The Protest.

More important than just anything we say here however is their love for Christ. From their website; They are also very humbled by the success of their debut album “Game Changer” that topped many charts worldwide. Though they are very grateful for the success, they are realizing each day that it’s not about them and it never has been. It’s about God and telling people about Him. It’s about loving others and showing them Christ in their life. It’s about being a servant. It’s about God. The flesh is weak.

Be sure to watch for The Protest in a town near you! You won’t regret it…Now for some photos.  Thanks for stopping by and be blessed!

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