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If you need some new earbuds or custom in-ear monitors, be sure to consider one of the fine offerings from Ultimate Ears.

The original plan was to give you a complete summary of the different UE models to choose from, as well as show you some of the custom options and accessories. Frankly the post just starting getting out of hand so we decided to just do a summary.  Click on the links throughout this article.

Starting with the universal fit products, Ultimate Ears offers approximately 14 different products for you to choose from You will find models at U.S price retail price points from $19.99 to $399.99 and a variety of colors in some models. You’ll also find that several of these choices are offered in a version that includes an integrated microphone and controls to work with your phone. This is a very handy feature that help you avoid missing calls. With an extensive line of universal fit products, you are sure to find something that meets your specific needs.

Next up will be the custom in-ear monitor solutions. As mentioned in our earlier article, the in-ear approach at Ultimate Ears was started when Eddie Van Halen and his monitor technician needed a better solution. The has developed into an extensive offering of 7 different in-ear solutions in an endless array of custom designs and colors.   Ultimate Ears states that 75% of the top touring musicians use their solutions, and with the vast selection we can see why. Custom products start at US $399 for the 2 speaker per monitor Ultimate Ears 4, to the US $1,350 6 speaker per monitor UE 18.  Another one of the custom choices is the Ultimate Ears 1 single-ear solution utilizing 4 speakers (2 for left, 2 for right) for those times when you need maximum stage bleed. The custom solutions also include an earplug offered in 3 different levels of sound filtering from -9db to -25db.

Ultimate Ears also offers a huge assortment of custom colors and designs, as well as replacement cables in different lengths. Check ’em out! We are sure you’ll find a solution for your needs.

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