Updated: We need your help! Please join us to keep 316Press online

Hello friends, family and all others who so graciously follow this site. We simply cannot overstate how important you are to us personally as well as the success of 316Press. We have reached a crossroads of sorts and need to make some decisions.

We have decided to put this out to the community and let God direct where we go. Trust is hard sometimes…we want to control things. We want to see results. We want our needs to be met, forgetting that it really is not about us. This is all about God’s plan and desires. Our goal from the beginning has been to simply glorify what He has done through amazing artists who have taken a faithful path. What a great example for us to strive towards.

With that, we prayerfully lay our needs before the body. Please take a look at our Indiegogo campaign. We ask first and foremost for your prayers that a direction be revealed. Secondarily, we ask for your consideration in supporting this labor of love.

Here is the direct link to the 316Press Indiegogo campaign!

Thank you so very much for your time and consideration. Please SHARE with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



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