We’re on the move – New domain, new name coming soon!

Hello friends , family and followers…You may have already noticed, but things are slowly changing here at Christian Concert Photos. You may have already noticed that you are on a new domain; www.316press.com. That’s the first step of what we hope are many moving forward at God’s will.

Time for some full disclosure; Joe and I have contemplated off and on over the years just what we are doing with this site. Is it right? Is it God’s will? is His glory showing through and not ours? Are we having any impact in the kingdom? All of these and more are very important considerations for us. You see, this has been a slow moving project. There has been essentially zero revenue and we fund it all out of pocket. What started off with a vision to license live CCM event coverage photography in the editorial marketplace has transitioned to a much different path…a path that has clearly been out of our control. As it should be.

We honestly reached a point where we both said “okay, this is it. We’ve done what we can but it is simply time to move along”. However, after much prayerful consideration we have accepted that we cannot walk away. God is working through this entire project and has led to some amazing places. We’ve built relationships with some of the biggest and best in the CCM industry. We’ve had images used in a variety of ways. And we have some future projects where the Kingdom will grow. Most importantly…and here is where things get super humbling…we have had the opportunity to share God’s name in some places we never expected. You see, His glory is shinning through this effort and because of that we feel driven to respond to His clear call. We are humbly honored to keep moving ahead with this even if at a slower pace then we envisioned. Once again our human vision of the way things should be is completely overshadowed by His master plan. We love that!

So let us know how we can serve you. We truly want to be a resource to serve you and your needs. Event support, prayer requests, hearing our testimonies or whatever. Into the future we’ll see the 316press.com branding grow and develop. We will add even more music industry news and personal reviews of products and solutions. We want to add featured artists interviews along more in depth coverage including behind the scenes looks as some great events. And we’ll talk about some photo tips and techniques. A user forum is being tested right now as well…we hope that will be a place for everyone to share thoughts and ideas. We will all shape this as we go.

One immediate need is this; we need a logo! 316 Press is a new name and a familiar, but new direction. If you have ideas to share please let us know. If we get enough interest we can come up with a contest or something. If you have a gift for this type of thing we need your help. Budget is limited but let us know what it would take. The logo should be clean, distinctive and able to use both here on the site as well as a watermark on images we share.

That’s all for now. God bless! Follow the site, Facebook or Twitter. We are excited about where this goes. We’d be honored if you would join us.

Joe and Mike

BTW. the image you saw on the front page of this post was courtesy of C Jill Reed via Flickr. The photographer was kind enough to release this into what’s known as Creative Commons. With so much prayer going into our decision it seemed a very fitting selection. Thank you C Jill Reed!


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