Wireworld & Pro Audio LA Collaborate on Groundbreaking Studio Snake Cable

With The NAMM Show 2017 just around the corner, we are busy trying to keep up with all the exciting news coming out from members exhibiting at the show. Expect to see several announcements and updates from us highlighting products that we think you’ll enjoy. If you are one of our professional touring acts that follow or a budding musician we think you’ll find some great innovations highlighted here.

Just when you thought cables were about as good as they could get, along comes news of some interesting innovation from Wireworld in collaboration with Pro Audio LA. Using a new approach to cable design and providing fully-shielded, precise 110 ohm impedance, performance will be exceptional for both analog and digital applications. Check out the press release below…

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA– December 2016  Florida cable manufacturer Wireworld Pro Audio and Los Angeles based studio wiring specialist Pro Audio LA, are introducing the Evo-Snake studio cables, featuring a patented conductor geometry that improves audible and measurable fidelity. This unique cable has eight channels with 26 gauge OFC conductors, 100% shielding and a precise 110 ohm impedance for exceptional performance in both analog and digital applications.

“I’ve been looking for an upgrade snake cable for high level recording studio applications, especially mastering, for years and Evo-Snake is the answer,” comments Jared Stansill of Pro Audio LA. David Salz of Wireworld states, “there’s no mystery in how this cable works; improved waveform fidelity leads to better sound.”

Evo-Snake was developed to avoid the audible loss of conventional cable, because music that has passed through a conventional audio snake sounds smeared and compressed when compared to the original incoming signal. A conventional snake’s conductors consist of strands that are twisted and spiraled to create flexibility. Those twists and turns also create a type of electromagnetic loss called eddy current resistance. This effect is similar to the swirling currents in rivers, also called eddy currents, which slow down the flow of water. Likewise in audio cables, eddy currents slow down the leading edges of the signal waveforms, blurring and coloring the sound. Eddy current losses are the main reason why music that has passed through conventional snake cables sounds less detailed and lifelike than the original signal.

The most effective way to minimize eddy current resistance in cables is to have all of the conductors running completely parallel, which is not possible with conventional flexible cable designs. Realizing this limitation through decades of research, Wireworld developed a new structure that enables flexible shielded cables to have precisely spaced parallel conductors. This DNA Helix cable geometry (U.S. Patent 8,569,627) improves fidelity by eliminating the eddy current resistance caused by conventional twisted conductor designs. In DNA Helix cables, multiple parallel conductors fit together in layers that are twisted together as a group. Thanks to DNA Helix technology, music that has passed through a Wireworld Evo-Snake sounds distinctly cleaner, clearer and closer to the source than with conventional cables.

The Evo-Snake bulk cable sells for $8 per foot and it is available in standard and custom lengths with DB-25 multipin and XLR terminations.

About Wireworld

Wireworld Cable Technology, founded by industrial designer David Salz in 1992, is a premier provider of leading edge digital and analog cable technology for home and professional A/V applications, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, interconnect, microphone, instrument and speaker cables. Wireworld earned its world-class reputation by producing measurably superior cables optimized through objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality. For more information, visit www.wireworldcable.com and www.wireworldproaudio.com.

Pro Audio LA is a leading provider of studio wiring products and services. Evo-Snake cables will be assembled in their Los Angeles facility. www.proaudiola.com



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